Bonita was born in Indonesia to a Dutch mother and a Hungarian father. She grew up mostly in the Netherlands until the age of 14, after which her family moved to western Canada and her education, which had started in Dutch, continued in English. Her emotional attachment to everything and everyone she held dear kept her mind completely open to the Dutch language while she quickly became fluent in English. She went back to the Netherlands whenever she could and never stopped reading Dutch books and magazines. After high school and college, she became a Montessori teacher and had her own school in the charming city of Victoria, on Vancouver Island. After years of supporting and encouraging children’s creativity, she and her children moved to a small Gulf Island in the Salish Sea and she became a full-time artist, playing music, singing and dancing and started her own pottery studio. She also trained in several healing arts modalities. While maintaining a broad interest in creative and healing arts, the call for language arts

became louder about fifteen years ago, and she became a translator. Initially taking any and all translation jobs that came her way, she eventually found her translation niche: communications (such as, e.g. internal communications within multinational companies), stories, self-help books, children’s books, and marketing and educational materials for holistic practitioners. It had become clear that her super-power was to get into an authors’ mind and translate their message on every level. Bonita currently offers translation services from Dutch into English in these areas.

Although it is customary in the translation world to charge by the word (e.g. 15 cents per word), Bonita prefers to consider each project individually and to discuss with the client what the best course of action will be. Does the text require just a simple conversion of words? Doubtful. In that case, there are several Automatic Translation programs that could do the job.

However, when it really matters that the message you are sending out really conveys what you are thinking and feeling about the subject, you need a creative translator, possibly a transcreator. Other jobs will require an experienced, reliable and intuitive translator who can simply get the job done asap.

That is why, if you have a Dutch text to be translated into English, Bonita encourages you to contact her and discuss what your needs are and how she could help you get your content out to the English-speaking world, and solve or prevent any communication problems.

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